The Gambler


“What do you mean I am laid off? I need this job!” Michael shouted into the phone. After a brief pause, the one-sided conversation continued. “Please! I have child support to pay.”

Michael hung up the phone. He was already behind on rent and now he has lost his job. It did not matter that he lived in a low-cost community, paying all his bills just became a phenomenal expense.

Michael’s daughters were four and seven. They hated Michael. Michael divorced from their mother, Allison, three years ago.

Michael was not a drinking man, but tonight he was working on his second scotch. He sat at his computer and hopped from one gambling site to another. He debated on trying his luck; however he opted against it. Michael was about to shut down the computer when he came across a humorous site, He thought a laugh could lift his spirits, so he stayed online and checked it out.

Welcome to It is time to utilize and harness the power of the social networking sites and get what we deserve from them. Through this site and the power of its administrator, you have been invited to become a deity. Gain enough followers and your power will grow. The first step is to choose a sigil out of the pictures below. If they are greyed out, they have already been chosen. Choose wisely, as the choice is permanent.

Most choices were greyed out. However, Michael spotted a pair of dice with ‘sixes’ showing. Michael was in the mood to gamble and felt the site was a joke, so he clicked the dice. Michael filled out the registration, created a password, and linked his social accounts.

To Michael, the site was straight-forward; the more followers, the higher the reward. Over the next week, Michael promoted his social networks every day. When Friday afternoon came, he left to pick up his daughters. When he arrived, he was not greeted by the girls, but by Allison.

“The girls want nothing to do with you.” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Only because you brainwashed them! You never let me see them!” Michael snapped.

“Do not start accusing me, Michael. I really cannot stand this shit anymore!”

“What shit? My God-given, legal right to see my kids? Or, me calling you out as a mind-poisoning bitch that deserves the same bad karma you put out?”

“Get the hell off my property before I call the cops!” she shouted.

As Michael was leaving, he shouted back, “If I have any luck at all, you’ll break your damned leg!”

Michael entered his car and shut the door hard. Before he could reverse, he saw the wooden porch snap under Allison. She fell four feet, landing with her leg twisted and two bones sticking out. Michael almostgot out to help her, but her husband appeared. Michael drove off.

Michael came home and decided to check on

Congratulations on using your first power for the first time! Build more followers for stronger powers!

Michael stared at the screen. Did I do that to Allison? Was that me? Not possible. No, it’s just a coincidence. He thought.

After sitting in thought for a long time, Michael decided it was time to test it out. He found a gambling site, entered his credit card, and played for hours. He never lost. He made enough money to pay all his bills. Michael decided to stop playing to avoid suspicion.

Michael felt good about himself. He felt lucky. He wondered what else luck could bring him. He never thought of bad luck. He did not think of the consequences. Michael saw only the potential.



The Dream, Part 1 of the Diary of Jade series


Dear Diary,

I had that dream again. The one where I celebrate my 17th birthday in a room filled with little kids and daffodils. This time, I saw more of the magic. There were ten daffodils per year of age and I was the only one in over a century to make it past one hundred flowers. The flowers were raised out of boxes, dripping with sparkling purple water. They said my gift must be strong to be so old. Then the dream skipped forward. Somebody had found our secret haven and was trying to kill all the little kids and me. Some guy said all Daffodil Children must become extinct because of some secret decree. At least now, I know the name for all of us…Daffodil Children.

Anyway, I was trying to save the little kids, you know? So, I snuck out to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I don’t remember the magic words or spell that I said, but my reflection changed to that of a boy. He could have been my twin, we looked so much alike. Anyway, I pull him out of the mirror. Actually, I reach my hand into the mirror like it’s a pool of water and I assist him as he climbs out and steps down onto the sink, jumping to the floor. Then he totally helps me fight the bad guys. His hands had the same sparkly purple color as the water dripping off the daffodils.

The dream skips forward again. The kids are all safe and boy is back in the mirror again. He says he will always watch over me. Then he changes back into my reflection. This dream is so messed up and I keep having it. Maybe I am crazy or something.

Whatever, I am going to be late for the first day of school. I’m out.