I was planning to have a masterpiece for you to read and enjoy. Instead, I have the start to a satirical look at our current lifestyles and it is not finished. Instead, you get a rant on maps.

I can read a map. That is the extent I go. I get lost with simple directions. I cannot draw to save my life. And when I am trying to run a game of D&D, my players end up taking two weeks to traverse a path that earlier took them two days. So I am not good with maps. I finally start moving past the timeline issues and I realize I am lost in a world I created. Worse, my characters are lost. Good grief. No big deal though, this issue shall pass. I just have to spend some time on it. How are your personal projects coming?


The Novel


Dear Novel,

You have trashed my office. What were you thinking? There are papers everywhere! I have sticky notes all over my wall, my trash can is full, I am running out of lead for my pencils, the ink has escaped my pens, and every notebook has  been scribbled in. do you think you could back off a bit.

Alright, I am not really upset over the novel taking my free time. It is about time I got around to finish the thing.  I may not have a short story to share for a little while. It’s hard to focus on the short stories when I have a character going on a medieval killing spree. I will try to have something more entertaining for you all to read tomorrow night. Maybe a break will help with the plot I am stuck on in the novel.

Thanks for reading my rant, write you all tomorrow.

A Random Thought


I am not a song writer, not even close. However, this limerick popped in my head a few years ago. It has a country feel to it and it is not finished. I do not know where to go next with it. Any thoughts?

I was walking late last night,
And you were on my mind.
I was thinking of all those times
We were walking side by side.

You were holding my hand
I was holding yours
We would be together
For all of time.

Reading and What-not


I have been Christmas shopping and tending to a very sick child. So, I have not had a chance to re-write any of my work and make it decent enough for you fine readers. I have had time enough to go over timeline issues in my novel and maybe read a chapter in a book, but other than that, nothing. Life has been exhausting.

I have noticed that I still post the occasional post on twitter and Facebook, summing life up to just a few characters. It left me wondering if perhaps social media might be killing the creative writer’s creativity. Hmmm, something to think about I suppose.

I have decided that I will start reviewing books as well as giving you my work to read. I am going to be reading anyway, might as well relay what was great or horrible about a book. If you have any thoughts on a fiction book you want me to review, drop me a line in the comments.

My Project


Perhaps I have not been getting enough sleep lately. Maybe I have not been eating right. Whatever the reason, I seem to have lost my creativity. What do you do when you feel this way?

I have a novel that I am working on. This may be the reason I have lost my creativity. I have been neglecting my ongoing story and it beckons me back.  I had to stop for a short while because I got lost. I got ahead of myself and lost track of my timeline. However, I believe I have sorted out the issues and gotten back on track.  I will try and keep you updated on the progress. I am a third of the way done with the first book in a trilogy. Once I am done, I will obviously start on the next. However, I will also send the first out to publishing companies. I will keep you in the loop and update you all the way through.

Do you have a long project you are working on? Have you ever had to stop for any reason? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Writer’s Block


I sit, staring at a blank page.
Wondering what to sage,
But nothing comes to mind,
Writer’s block is so unkind.

The page beckons to me;
It wants words for all to see.
But nothing comes to mind,
Writer’s block is so unkind.

I need something to write,
Something with edge and bite.
But nothing comes to mind,
Writer’s block is so unkind.

Writer’s block is so unkind,
Nothing is coming to mind.
My mind trapped in a cage,
As I stare at a black page.

I Am a Writer


Well, no short story tonight. It’s time for something that is not dark or tormented. I won’t even be writing about writing, at least not at first. Today, we took my 21 month old to see Santa. He sat quietly on the man’s lap looking out at us an irritated glare. He did not cry; he sat there stoically for his parents to get a picture. It was cute; he obviously did it to humor us. How have your holidays been going?

Now, we can dive into the writing. I read an article today about what stages a person goes through to become a writer ( As I read through the stages, I realized that I had hit every one of them, some of them twice. It got me to thinking; what stage are you in? Have you used a pen name? I would love to see your comments.

P.S. Be sure to check out the article. It is a good read and has a great practice prompt for you.