A Random Thought


I am not a song writer, not even close. However, this limerick popped in my head a few years ago. It has a country feel to it and it is not finished. I do not know where to go next with it. Any thoughts?

I was walking late last night,
And you were on my mind.
I was thinking of all those times
We were walking side by side.

You were holding my hand
I was holding yours
We would be together
For all of time.


2 thoughts on “A Random Thought

  1. In terms of what to do with it, that’s up to you. I’d focus on the rhyming side, but that’s me. In terms of the plot (which tends not to show when I write poems) it feels very reminiscent, you could comment on how the persona (who may or may not be you) enjoyed walking at night with the person they are remembering, something intimate about a night maybe, or just a fond memory. If you’re stuck for an idea try to be personal with it, but don’t give away all your secrets 🙂

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