The Dream, Part 1 of the Diary of Jade series


Dear Diary,

I had that dream again. The one where I celebrate my 17th birthday in a room filled with little kids and daffodils. This time, I saw more of the magic. There were ten daffodils per year of age and I was the only one in over a century to make it past one hundred flowers. The flowers were raised out of boxes, dripping with sparkling purple water. They said my gift must be strong to be so old. Then the dream skipped forward. Somebody had found our secret haven and was trying to kill all the little kids and me. Some guy said all Daffodil Children must become extinct because of some secret decree. At least now, I know the name for all of us…Daffodil Children.

Anyway, I was trying to save the little kids, you know? So, I snuck out to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I don’t remember the magic words or spell that I said, but my reflection changed to that of a boy. He could have been my twin, we looked so much alike. Anyway, I pull him out of the mirror. Actually, I reach my hand into the mirror like it’s a pool of water and I assist him as he climbs out and steps down onto the sink, jumping to the floor. Then he totally helps me fight the bad guys. His hands had the same sparkly purple color as the water dripping off the daffodils.

The dream skips forward again. The kids are all safe and boy is back in the mirror again. He says he will always watch over me. Then he changes back into my reflection. This dream is so messed up and I keep having it. Maybe I am crazy or something.

Whatever, I am going to be late for the first day of school. I’m out.



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