I Am a Writer


Well, no short story tonight. It’s time for something that is not dark or tormented. I won’t even be writing about writing, at least not at first. Today, we took my 21 month old to see Santa. He sat quietly on the man’s lap looking out at us an irritated glare. He did not cry; he sat there stoically for his parents to get a picture. It was cute; he obviously did it to humor us. How have your holidays been going?

Now, we can dive into the writing. I read an article today about what stages a person goes through to become a writer (http://thewritepractice.com/seven-stages/). As I read through the stages, I realized that I had hit every one of them, some of them twice. It got me to thinking; what stage are you in? Have you used a pen name? I would love to see your comments.

P.S. Be sure to check out the article. It is a good read and has a great practice prompt for you.


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